You Can

You can let me down

Because I’ll always find a way back up

They’ve been letting me down for centuries

What’s one more?

You don’t know what you’re doing, but they

Plotted every fault, measured every bomb

And traced every kiss to ensure optimal


And I fell for the snare, I was lost in the thrill

Till I was broken, they nearly had my will


Because in the hope of something greater

I found strength

Power in the promise of a brighter tomorrow

Gave me the breath to muster a counter

So when they let me down

I rose back up

As they continue to let me down

I rise back up

I am no soldier, no suicide bomber

Merely a friendly neighborhood vigilante

Taking names, trapping passerby’s in my webs

I love you as friends

Until we’re no longer friends, but captor

And the captive

The blood will flow from screaming skin

Until the revenge has been unleashed

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