I Wear New Ones

Empty skeletons fill my closet

And each day, I wear a new one

Each day, I fit myself with the bones

Of the body they want to behold

Skinny and athletic

Muscular and quick

Worthy of glance, and then seconds

But I’ll never appear as they see fit

Because my strength is not outward

But within, and my undying fidelity

To answer the bells that I choose

Keeps me in hostility towards you

You want me to be ashamed of my differences

And change my mind every time you say

For better or worse, I’m set in my ways

Since the day I was born I’ve loved to walk

The road less traveled

I’ve always wanted to be the one to make it

Even if I fall a million times at the finish line

It only takes one finish to be remembered

For centuries

But as long as I’m relegated to my closet

And the skeleton I must wear today

I’ll be glued to the last, unable

To even shed a tear upon the dry ground

In hopes of becoming brighter


And eventually

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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