Walls I Can’t See

The wiring of my love

Is not conclusive

It is scattered and faulty

With tears and shorts galore

I tinker with the objects of my adoration

Sometimes the glances are worthwhile

Others are far

From what I should aspire towards

Worse yet still, they tell me personally

It hurts undeniably even to this day

Each minute I boldly cast myself into the fray

And I come out with scars, busies, poems

But not a single heart to show for it

They don’t love me like that

They don’t get me like that

I’m just someone to talk to, that’s that

I can’t escape this dead zone of pain

Tapping on the glass, see them through

The other side of the pane

I say I don’t care about you

And I’m not affected by your presence

Or lack thereof

But the truth is rejection keeps me ready

Ready to pen my personifications of purity

As I wallow in the misery of yesterday

And the future’s mockery

Of my futile attempts

To scale the walls I can’t even see

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