Sit back, reflect

Consider, reject

Take the broken wings of dreams not heard

And glue them back together

If that doesn’t work, then beat them silly

Till their only choice is to attempt to fly

Leave them desperate to escape your wrath

I’d hardly consider my life a success

Rather an on-going resurrection

That runs on a faulty generator

On, off, on, off

I have shitty moments, I have bad moments

And in between are the few good ones

Times like now, when I’m silent and at peace

With the beings above and below me

I’m not any more friendly, but I am more aware

I’m not any more good looking, but I see

What they’ve been avoiding for so long

I’m not any more eager to become you

And I can see why you hate yourself now

It’s hard to be constant

When genders and identifications

Are created out of thin air

It’s hard to be adaptable

When everyone is afraid of anything

That forces them to change

I can sit back comfortably

And let the world go by

It’ll run itself aground soon enough

Without the rules and regulations

It claims it can do without

2 thoughts on “Escape

  1. Yep.. Life is Change and
    Shades of Grey and
    Never Ever Binary
    Black and White
    Which Makes
    Autism Spectrums
    Gender Spectrums
    Identification Spectrums
    Are as
    In your Hands…
    Got a long way to Go Baby..
    Enjoy the ride and don’t empty the Boat if you can and will help it Float

    Liked by 1 person

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