The Only One I’ll Ever Need

Trapped inside of this nineteen year old body

That forgets, gets anxious

And falls for nearly everyone

Is the desire to do everything

Everything at once, everything at the highest

It be be accomplished

I wake up in the mornings, count my dreams

And see which ones came true

Each night I have four, and each day

They come true

My mom, my sister, my brother

I don’t know why they deal with me

Or why they should

I’m a mess to understand, and my willfulness

Often makes a mockery of my best intentions

But we come home, everyday

And even though we argue, and disagree

Leaving each other in a certain familial funk

We come back to one another

Again and again

People wish for money, houses, girlfriends

Cars, sports victories, and the short lived

I only ask for four things

Simply stated, forever indebted

To the people that help me when I fall

And lift me higher when I think I’ve made it

I love that we’ve survived the storm together

I love that they love

When I think I can’t do better

They think I can

And we know that we’re capable of more

But not separated, but as one

And it takes a certain person to be okay

Not getting all the glory and recognition

But it is glorious and recognizable

To be part of a unit as beautiful as this one

My only

And one I’ll ever need

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