Let Them In

Somebody knocked on my door again

And I didn’t answer

But not because I didn’t hear them

No, I’m listening

Listening all the time

To their pleas

To their questions

To their ignorance, arrogance,

and suppositions about who I am

What I’ve done, and what I will become

Or have become

Because to them, I am stagnant and unchanging

To them, I am rigid, unshakable, and fixed

And some of those things are true

I don’t deny I am awkward

Even weird

I’m also rigid in certain situations

Fixed when I am certain I’m right

And unchanging in my self confidence

This is why I listen but never let them in

One foul breath polluted the entire temple

And each swing of their bat

Misses the mark because I refuse to yield

The chance to end my night on a long shot

Somebody keeps knocking at my door

And eventually it’ll be someone worthwhile

But I’ll miss them

Just like I’ve missed everyone

Because I won’t answer the door

I’m afraid I’ll get hurt again

I’m afraid I’ll be left in the dark again

So it’s better to miss out than be left for dead


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