The Lights Taught To Be Dim

Fatalities mount in the hearts of the young

We watch our world burn, and we are blamed

For the heat, for the shaking, and for

All the things we can’t control

We did not ask to be born, yet we breathe

And we didn’t ask for our set of parents

Or simply, parent, because we don’t decide

When your feeble love runs out

Or when you simply choose to stop putting out

I never meant to make you go

Or be the piece that made you stay

I simply love to be myself, regardless of you

Midnight falls upon us kids

Daylight rises upon us kids

Times change and yet we never do

Watching the world from dimly lit rooms

And poorly monitored screens

We see humanity for all of the blood and gore

We see people for all of death and destiny

United to cyclical failure we seem to be

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