Until They Don’t

Everyone wants a part of you


They don’t

You sound like their sound

You look like they look

And you feel as if you’re in need

Until they close to you

And notice your heart beats a little faster

Or your hands are a little colder

They realize you don’t need

Another hole filled, or to be filled

You only need a warm heart

And open hands

Then they became vexed with trembling

Plans gone awry faster

Than you can say goodbye

I don’t mean to hurt the strangers

But I can’t control your despondent causes

Intentions become ashes under the fire

Convictions drip from the mind

Simmering in the dust of forgetfulness

Roasted in the heat of time

Why did you think I’d dance in the night

Wasting the prime of my years

On someone who I would never be aligned

Without my conscience wrecking my heart

I knew long ago what you wanted me for

Everyone wants a part of you

Until they don’t

You silence their special sound

Ruin how they feel and look

You seem to be desperate for a host

But I think

We’re tired of being close to you

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