See You

See you, revolting at the image in mirror

I see you, wondering why God didn’t make this bigger

Or that smaller

I see you comparing yourself

To the girl behind you

I hear you say you’re not pretty

Somehow being different means

Being less than

That may be of true of everyone’s opinion

But not mine. Never was mine. Never will be

I can’t put in words how you make me feel

And I may never will

I run out of pages describing what you mean to me

Somehow none of that matters to you, does it?

I stay up late, get up early, all in the hope

You would finally see yourself

The way I see

The things I like about you

Are those that can never die

Maybe they don’t see the love

The compassion, and the resilience

But I do. And I do promise to be with you

Wherever you go, as long as it takes

As long as you want me there, I’ll be there

And as long as you’re breathing, I’ll always

Believe in you

Because you’ve given me something they

Never could

And that was the hope that we could do this


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