Nothing left to give, just me, myself

and my pile of shit

Looking left, looking right

jumping in the middle of the streets

No fucks to give, just a good life attempted to live

There’s pain and potholes aplenty, but all that matters is that I’m breathing

Bleeding, vision enjoys receding

When I think I’ve gone far enough, the floors fall in

The bank runs empty

Life seems dreary

Girls staying dialing hoping to keep me down

People always spinning in cycles of the negative


Lights flashing in their eyes but don’t wake up Zombies dedicated to reliving the past

Chomping at the bit just to prove they weren’t wrong

Go ahead and take a bow, cause you’ll never see the final act replaying the last

I write to remember my failures, but never to revel in them

Mirrors they are, glass is shattered

and stains can be washed away

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