I guess I always needed you

Sometimes I feel ashamed by asking questions

as if I haven’t learned anything yet

I guess I always needed your poise

Keeping me cool in the face of adversity

and warm when their hearts turn shallow

and cruel

Sometimes I feel like I’m not meant

to fall in love

Maybe I’m just not what

people imagine when they think of someone they want to be with forever

Then again, neither are they

I pushed myself away because they ask too many or too few questions

But I’d hate not to tell you

(But I’d hate to tell you)

Because you deserve to know even the worst parts of me

(You don’t want to know the worst parts)

Or, at least, I don’t want you to know

I’m bitter, I’m bloodied

And every day is a reminder of all the things I’ll never get to share with you

But, listen to this just once, and realize

I’m trying

Trying to reach you

Before I pass out from the holes in my head

and the graveyard in my heart

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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