Anything Else

Bury you alive, they said
Or at least make her suffocate until dawn
Maybe they should’ve gazed a little longer
Because you don’t seem like everyone else
I see a fighter, a champion, and a human
Who can fall, who will fall, but always
And I mean always
Gets back up again
I’ve been gifted with your friendship
And to watch you grow each and every day
Is excitement beyond human measure
Tonight, I’m reminded of why I found you
And why I’m fond of you
I can’t measure your heart and soul
But I can hold it up to the darkness
To light my way trough the confusion
Of being alone, I thought I was
Surely there couldn’t be someone
Who wanted to do this with me
God I was wrong, so wrong
And I’ve never been so happy
You’re funny, you’re ecstatic
You’re charming, you’re lively
You’re just you
Please don’t be anything else

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