I see too much, too far into you

For anyone to take me seriously

Most importantly, for you

To take me seriously

I say I love you, and I say I care

But how I do know you feel the same way

When I’m not even there, when I haven’t

Seen you in so long it feels like forever

I should now better by now

Getting worked up over things not meant to be

But I can’t help myself, I love being with you

The fun, the energy, and the simplicity

Hardly replicated with anyone else

How cruel would this be a hand to be dealt

By fate, by time, or my own impatient mind

The punishment doesn’t match the crime

But I’ll take my chains, and walk the mile

Wondering which one it’ll be

Watching you from down the aisle

It could’ve been us, I’ll say, it could’ve been

But that’s for another time

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