Where Broken Hearts Go

I’ve had a broken foot
and a hernia that lasted untreated
I’ve fallen so hard I broke my glasses
Watched my mouth bleed
I’ve had headaches for weeks
Sleepless nights for months
And somehow they all fail to impact
The way a broken heart does
Maybe I was wrong for trying to love you
In the first place
And maybe I fell too soon for someone
Who was too quick to stand up
Maybe close friends is all we’ll ever be
But I wanted more
Maybe wrongly
That doesn’t discredit the pain
It can’t remove the doubt
And it won’t ever leave me
The hope of you wanting me
The way I want you

6 thoughts on “Where Broken Hearts Go

  1. Oh, My Friend!! You brought me to the verge of tears with this one!! Your closing lines did me in!! Not to discount the pain of unrequited love, but sometimes it’s harder and more painful to have had that love and to then lose it????
    Like sex or chocolate – “if you’ve never had it, you never miss it, but once you’ve had it, you miss it!”. A very emotional and romantic post! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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