I’m Sorry

Think I would be mad, but I’m really just dazed

Confused sitting in a trance

Looking down at the tile beneath my pants

How much can happen over a couple days

Have you lost then angry then fazed

Out of control, out of your mind

Looking up at these clocks like damn where’s time

Going, going, gone, it’s almost Christmas

Just a few weeks ago back in July

I was starting a new job, now I see the turkeys

the table settings, and the families

But there’s nobody asking what I have to eat

Just a plate full of deep thoughts and misery

Side orders, let’s call up long gone friends

Childhood disappeared

Underneath stacks of paper and pipe dreams

Smoking, sex, fear under beams

That never held up, you could hear them shake

Now I work every day, don’t ask for much

Carry my weight and some, it’s almost fun

Work, sleep, transit, work, sleep, transit

But I tried to get involved with someone

Now the strings are coming undone

I thought I could finally talk to you

But then I realized what they put you through

You don’t need another guy

Banging down your door, asking more more

I didn’t want you to be another bitch

Just someone you could lean on

In a crisis, in a bad situation

Like an umbrella in the storm

A house to keep you warm

And I know your heart is torn

Been like that since you were born

So instead of ripping you further apart

Ima let you heal, because Father Time

Knows what’s right

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