Just A Guy

I lost my father far too early

Not to death, but to a failed life

My brother is hardly much of a guide

He too seems to take after my father

Distant, ignorant

And easily taken by the call of nothing

Role models are everywhere

But what are they suggesting

I become

Drug dealers, pimps, sell outs

Rappers, shooters, fighters

Media sensations, Hollywood’s creations

Nothing of value, nothing of matter

And their pockets are enviable

Their stardom unattainable

But their journey to the top


Just a young black guy

From southwest Baltimore

Just a young black guy

Who decided to be more

Than the black hoodies

That lined my streets

To be one step better, never commit crimes

And I won’t need to be caught by police

Just a young black guy

Writing instead of rioting

Writing instead of fighting

Writing instead…

You know what, I actually am

I don’t pick up a weapon

But I break your soul in two

I’ve never touched a grenade

But my shrapnel is already inside you

My pain is yours now

My loss is yours now

So too is my recovery

So too is my victory

I’m walking against the grain of time

And made us better

I’m fighting the holders of our vague future

The politics, the media, and the immature

Those who say what is will always be

Those who say that god does not exist

Because we cannot see him

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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