Between Us

Inches between us. Desperate miles. The wheels lift off the tarnack, and everything fades to black. Blue for my heart. Green for my eyes. They don’t deserve your kindness. He doesn’t deserve your body. Control yourself. It’s okay. She’ll come back. She always does. But that was the summer, and it’s almsost a new year. Sometimes I wish I could quit on all my commitments and come find you. Listening. Through the storm, through the pain, through all the people that push you to edge. Let me carry you again. It’s so hard finding time to talk. It’s so hard finding moments to step out of the simulation and become one. I really got to learn something about you today. Sobering but necessary. I needed to be reminded of the fighter you are. Underneath that pretty face is a. Warrior. You might know it, you might not. You might now. They don’t tell you, but they should. And if they won’t, then I will.

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