Why do I let the ocean divide us. The tide of stars, the crest of the moon sailing over me. They are beauty, but they keep me away from you. I never learned to swim, because I was too afraid of what I might swallow. Wind and waves toss and turn unexpectedly. Skull and crossbones tell me too many have already tried and failed reaching you. What makes me any different? What might keep me from the same watery grave? Push me in, and I might not ever come out. Not because I love it, but because I need it. I need to know what it’s like to drown, what it like to be on the edge of death, yet never cross over. That’s what you deserve. A man who can be killed and never die. Through the trenches, across the corpse laden valleys, and deep within the tripwires of night. I go where they say no one comes back. I come back to where they say none can go.

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