Right Here, With Me

They can say they’ll treat you better, but I do. You gave me an hour, I’ll give you words you’ll never forget. Warmth and endless laughter are mine to give, and I found your ears worth every ounce of time devoted to creating them. You think that you’re less than, so you take their cheap one liners as a token of promises they know will never be kept. I know it doesn’t make sense now. Trust me, some things never do. But when I quiet my head, there’s one thing that does. That one thing is you. In spite of all our distance, and all the difference, the common denominator is that I care. I really care. You’re everything I asked for, yet nothing I ever deserved. And I try to treat you as the star that you are. There’s so many admirers, but when they go to sleep, where are you to them? You’re right here with me, and that’s the only place I’ll want you.

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