There’s always a chance

To make a change

To amend the broken patterns

And faulty restrictions

I could’ve cast out my demons

Years ago, if I wanted to

I could have been like everyone else

Become born again, “seen the light”

And joined the masses spreading truth

But who’s truth?

And how is this “truth” any different

From all the other lies?

Because a different guy said it this time?

Because this guy claims to be divine?

Religion has done nothing

But make a mockery of logic and sense

Imaginary rewards prince among factors

In making people waste their time

Sowing seeds into rotten soil

Believing bunnies and fat men

Will heal the boils on a grieving earth

To me, giving gifts is worthless

On a planet where slaves are made

To give their lives for money and materials

Where animals are massacred night and day

“We need them for food” the blinded say

I see an earth with far more worth and value

Than oil and wood

We should all take the time to learn

What this planet can really do for or souls

We should

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