Forgetting Mine

I’m happy where I am

Something I couldn’t say before today

Yesterday I wanted to be everything

Tomorrow, nothing

That I wasn’t created to be

I understand my limitations

Adept at creating abbreviations

But content to let nature do its job

I used to want scores of friends

Now the few I have barely speak to me

And I’m okay with that

(And just so you know, I care for them

I just don’t expect texts everyday

Cause we’re adults

And we’ve got lives to live)

Because I traded my name on their tongue

For the words in their hearts

I traded popularity for silence

And peace of mind

I didn’t ask for a girlfriend

Because I don’t want to end up

Like my dad

Ruining another woman’s life

Because I was too afraid to admit

I don’t make a great living partner

Or any partner at all

Faulty socially, useless


And always forgetting your favorite color

Is it because

Someone forgot mine?

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