I Said It For You

There’s not much left to say

And even less to do

I’m here, I’m there, and I still

Feel like I’m going nowhere

Not in life, but with it

The past, the things I did

The thoughts I ever acted upon

Now wishing desperately for another chance

To try it again, and I fail, then again

Because I have a plan, but it often goes awry

I get distracted by the night

I sleep through the day

I work to write, and write through work

Forgetting the one I’ve tried to attract

So I’ll never hear her say “stay the night with me”

The loneliness doesn’t hurt until you see

Everyone who isn’t

Silence isn’t a problem until

everyone’s screaming “don’t you have one”

I do have someone, she’s within these pages

Unlike the others, she’ll last for all ages

Even if I can’t actually marry her

I’ll be one with her mind, I guess that’s enough

Writers can’t get them to say the words

So we say it for them

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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