I lift my head toward heaven

In search of a king I’ll never see

In search of demons I’ll never believe

The holy war, the rapture

The beginning of the end

of humanity’s chapter

See, the revelation occurred to me

Long before I opened up a bible

The revelation that said men

Could be women

And women could be men

Told me all that I needed to know

Long before I even touched an altar

Or heard a preacher speak

How many volumes of child pornography

Do those priests keep?

These deacons are leeches for your paycheck

Sow your seed they scream

Along with your mortgage, rent

All in the name of a promise from a god

They themselves can’t begin to explain

And it’s such a shame

To have so many followers and not know

Where you’re even going

Heaven? Hell? Is there any proof

We aren’t already in one of them?

Or both?

The dogma is real, and it’s intoxicating

Please, someone, turn this wine into water

One thought on “

  1. SMiLes my FriEnd NeuroScience
    Shows we Basically Hallucinate
    Our Reality as we Go Subconsciously
    Based on all
    Of our
    Experiences Filtered
    Through Instinct
    Of Feelings
    In other Words
    There will only
    Ever Be You
    To Experience
    Now the Way
    You Do or
    Not Live
    Next And Worrying
    About the Hallucinations
    Of other Folks Is
    Like thinking
    You might
    Their Dreams
    In Night of Day
    Our Neo-Cortex
    At Best is Servant
    Of Our Limbic
    All the Best Creativity
    Of Art Ever Originates
    With the Greatest Muse
    Of Be the Greatest Artist
    Be A Slave of Heart
    Or Die
    As a
    Without Thorns…
    Dude what You
    Are Doing is
    By to say
    Thank You
    For Making
    HeART Real RaW as Art..:)


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