Know You Better

Rails disappear in a sea of sound

Speeding along in my heart

Around and around goes this feeling

This aching, this inkling

I should be with her more than I realized

I ever needed

My idea of love

Was not of us, but of what I thought

I needed to understand

It is possible to both, scripted

And unplanned

My idea of love

Is a day where I hardly acknowledge

That it is in fact a day

Just an uninterrupted flow

Of emotion both high and low

Pictures on the wharf

And warm embraces

In restaurant, waiting for dessert

Then admiring the graves of the fallen

Recognizing that as much as we adore living

And loving

The waiter comes calling

Life truly is a pay stub on death

Only the reaper doesn’t wait

Until you can afford to go

He just takes you

And I hope I get to know you better

Before I have to leave


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