It Still Hurts

Where do you take me, what do you take

Where do you lead, what do you bring

What do you call a road often travelled

In every way but this?

Less travelled in lack of diversity?

I find new ways to fail each day

I find a different shortcut, but they all lead

Back to the start, the only thing that can ever

Begin to move my heart

It never bled for you, but it does today

Not as the novel’s protagonist

But as the reincarnated lover

That you never seem to take seriously

The Carter to your Kendra

I’ve lived for a thousand leagues

I can live a thousand more

But that doesn’t mean it hurts to endure

Each life without you with me

They treat you so passively

With an unbridled, unconscious distain

For your soul

I could make you whole

If you accept just a part of me

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