Moral conundrum?

Ignorance fueled by vanity?

I’ve struggled with the action

And wage war with the psychology

What does it take to care too little

How far can you bend

Before you’ve cared too much?

Is it a fragile heart simply buying time

Or a broken man no longer trusting

The world he sees through failing pupils

Why am I no longer afraid

Of reactions to my ways

Indifferent to the waves

My shaking causes

Breaking off from their point of view

I found my peace, and in it the truth

I never needed them, but could always use

Someone as lovely, someone as strong

Who would show me what it meant to love

Somebody that others found unlovable

They said we’d never make it

We would amount to nothing

Now they gossip about our secret lives

And ponder how deep our veins run

Over spacious skies

How the tables have turned

Oh, have the tables turned

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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