Before I Leave

What are these, expectations?

Considering what I’ve been through

And everything I did to you

The fact that either one of us

Is even remotely cordial to each other

Is a miracle undeserved yet gladly accepted

Time flies, and I began to forget

What it’s like to chase your soul

Down the darkest streets

The signs say road closed, but the way

To your heart will always be open

One way or another, I’ll figure out

How to make the happiness bloom

Out of the weeds, out of the gloom

Each day is another chance to be reminded

Of what you could have been

And what you chose to become

What are these, victories?

They expected you to be nothing, I recall

But no matter how far I fall

I fell in the right direction

No matter how many jobs I have

I’ll always be free from it all

When I put down my phone

And stop asking for peace

I’ll realize I already have it

And make most of it

Before I have to leave

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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