I Might Not Come Back (One Day)

Silent wishes are wishes still

The loudest murder occurs in silence

In the cover of night, dreams fail

Wondering where life gets right

Hoping that there’s even a chance

What is right, anyway?

The days are too long, I cannot hide

The nights are too short, not enough time

How hard could it possibly be

To cover up a long overdue suicide?

They don’t care about how I feel

They don’t care that I fall

Just as long as I don’t get back up

Just as long as I stay fucked up

Fade away, dear wishing star

You’ve come to grant me another night

But I don’t know if I want one anymore

You came so far to give life

And I’ve come too far

Not to take mine

8 thoughts on “I Might Not Come Back (One Day)

  1. I worry about this speaker. Katie makes a good point, pets are wonderful to not feel alone. Cats and dogs, even minture pigs, whatever you like. I would say dogs though b/c of their unconditional love, b/c they know when someone’s upset & needs cheering up instinctively; cat or dog, that’s a reason to get up and keep living. I would tell this speaker you are worth it, you are worthy to live and be loved, jbecause you’re human & have a purpose in this world. And even though now is dark, their is always hope, always, of another day that will be better that you haven’t experienced yet. Look for the good things in life, even write those down, and when they feel awful and as if life isnt worth — living look at those thoughts. Therae’s a song called “Be Still” by the Fray. I think your speaker would like it 🙂

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