With Me

I find the night time to be the right time

To make love to you, the right rhymes

Lead us to the conclusion I’ve always had

We may be young, and we may let our past

Discourage who we are, and who we can be

But just like in these words, there’s much

Underneath the surface that we can’t see

And that’s what I want us to aspire towards

It the secret admirations and admonitions

That we dream for

Sometimes it’s hard, cause we’re so far away

It’s felt like a hundred million days

How can we ever change where we stay

Must we forever be apart?

Or is a changing of guard

In order? A testing of borders?

I am not full of boredom, just anticipation

Rising higher and higher, the electricity

Of a nation

I’ll be a rushing tempest to meet you

Because when that water dries up

And everyone else goes home

I’ll be the one to find you

In the desert, deserted in the heat

I’ll bring you home

I’ll bring you home with me

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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