Sounding Like


I’m sorry

But I’m

Not interested in your pain

I hate to sound like a narcissist

But I’ve got my own wounds to manage

Guilt tripped, living among the brokest

Cars, they bought this

Emancipation, they call this

Life spent on money, drugs, and strippers

Taking what isn’t yours is life to the fullest

The system broke them, then blinded them

All we can breathe is intoxicating remnants

Nauseous fumes of century old descendants

Black and white alike who never thought to try

To find a new way to live, something more

Than to just survive

And I coulda been one of you

Once I wished to be just like you

Now I’ve got my own, and now all I can say

Is how did I ever even wanna imagine you

Money is good, my own is better

Kitty is great, but the only thing I make wet

Is this throat, cause I gotta stay quenched

But my passion won’t ever, so drenched

In writing and thoughts I might drown

I don’t have many friends, but I love it

When we hang out, give me something

Called perspective, connection, and direction

Cause I ain’t the only one on this planet

And if I ever did, I might regret that

Life ain’t promised past the next minute

So I do what I do best, and that’s living it

Tomorrow don’t matter, the past don’t either

Only the breath today, the words today

I am so grateful for another day

To prove that I wasn’t a mistake, and that way

They can never say

I didn’t make something of myself

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