My Next Kill

Shadows hasten in depth

Silence slows my breath

Nightmares choose my head

To reign, and in doing so condense

my dreams into the smallest fragment

Space and time are no longer relevant

When I’m squeezed by last and present

I can taste my sweat beading off my face

The want to turn and run, never greater

But what if they see me screaming?

Will that encourage a deeper chase? Longer

Farther, faster, until there’s no Earth left

I am under ever present duress by sins

Repentant for, but must feel consequences of

Elicit emotion out of me, I may bow my head

But I fear far more for you, I have had my rest

Explicit emotions, feeling you, touching you

Making you wet, not with excitement

But stimulation needed to escape a hunt

My deathly rituals cannot be undone

And you are my next one

17 thoughts on “My Next Kill

  1. Here, I’ll start:
    I’m butchering a math lesson with Dance, Dance blaring in my ear, and talking to a blogger that I have to say I missed very much and still think should somehow move to Texas even though they don’t do well with heat.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Intense. Beautiful. Alluring. Perfectly worded. Expressive. Transporting. Moving. Breathtaking. Freakishly perfect. Passionate. Super quote-worthy. Slight jealousy sparking. One-of-a-kind. Did I mention perfect?

    In other words, it’s your writing-a perfect example of it.

    Amazing job.

    Liked by 1 person

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