If I Ever Cared

If I cared, if I ever did care

Truly for one moment or another

Wouldn’t I have seen you already?

Time may pick at my scars, but I

Have so many they can’t get to them all

So some of me remains traumatized

And the rest in silent perdition

Who knows or cares of my condition

I don’t bother telling because it won’t change

It won’t make you like me more, maybe less

Or maybe I’ll just be the token outlier

Just you can say you’re well rounded

Fuck all of that, let me go to work

Make my money, support my family

Write my heart out to anyone who’s bored

Enough to listen, and sleep deeply

Knowing that one day I’ll finally meet Her

If the prize was truly at the end of the line

Then everybody would make it

But the real glory is in making the steps

For though we may never achieve perfection

Catching excellence is right along the way

I don’t ever mean to be perfect

Just perfectly flawed in every meaning

In every way the antidote in a world of sick

I can be the healing remedy

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