Time travel to a past well dreamt

Dreams are broken, nightmares hardly spent

I took every chance I had with her

And broke it with an sixteen year old wrench

I was bullied, I was cheapened, I was bruised

Not by you, but by someone in the mirror

That said I wouldn’t ever have what they do

For years I had always believed I wouldn’t

Being black, having Aspergers, said I couldn’t

Shouldn’t, because I have no representation

But the only display I want of who I am

Is me

I’m still quiet, painfully awkward, and short

On friends

But it’s my life, and that’s all I’ll ever want

Until the very end

You can spend every ounce of your life

Trying to be someone else, and in failure

Wasted everything

Or spend one moment as the person

You were meant to be

And gained a fraction of deific treasure

Only a select few have ever tasted

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