Thanks For The Complement

So here I go again, different year

New age, but same ending

Lost a friend that I thought I never had

But was close enough to be called such

Why am I so nervous, why can’t I

Just let people be? Just let them love me?

Why do I have to wonder? Why do I question

Their motives? Their intentions?

The parts of me that shudder at the notion

I’m insecure, they are premature

But what is true is that I question

Because I was once questioned

Integrity challenged, friendship tested

Why do people pass on me? Is it the doubt

Forever rising within? Maybe

I’m just not friend material? So many questions

So little answers, all I feel is fuming

To myself, raging to myself, crying

To myself

Then pulling it all together in a night

And they all think I’m just crazy

I’m just crazy

Thanks for the complement 😏

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