Your Magical

Take a look, take a look, take a look
Write nice comments, go buy my book
But whatever you do, don’t do it the same
The world is always changing
Because I am that change, I see that change
I want that change, I know that change
Can make people change how they live and breathe
How they act, what they see, and how
They believe
Call me Dev, my name’s still the same
But somebody hit me, had me rearranged
Took my plain, made it plentiful
Took my emptiness, made love material
Gave me a reason to write happy words
No sad words, that was you
Let it be heard, you’re so past typical
And our meeting was far more than miracle
But how can I thank your unbelievable?
Will you let me capture your magical?

9 thoughts on “Your Magical

  1. Love it. As always.

    This is so beautiful and it unfolds like the best of book series. It goes at a perfect pace while still keeping it very interesting and hooking (I may of made that usage of the word up), and it starts fantastic and only gets better as it goes on.

    I love the whole poem, but that ending is freakishly, jaw-droppingly, fitting and perfect.
    Amazing job my blogging friend. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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