The Dark

If I had it any other way, I would never ever

Not tell you how I was feeling

Each time a pain would arise, I’d convey it

And in some way, somehow, you’d understand

Sometimes I can tell you through words

Others require just a look

But tonight is a reminder that I just can’t do it

So I lost you again, and this time

Probably forever

Do I deserve it? Sure, because I’m just weak

Trying to hold in all my doubts about us

Weeks go by and I can’t help but hope

That one day I’d wake up able to explain it

But I can’t, much less fake it

My mind feels naked in the dark

I am embraced coldly by the dark

Where I am rejuvenated, where I am free

Unfortunately is where you also can’t be

Just me, because it’s too shallow and thin

The lack of air would kill most

But here, there’s only one to keep alive

So I sit and wait, quietly, patiently

For it to be my time

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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