Quit Me

I am not who I seem

The projection of me you see

Is a dream within a million dreams

All dreamt in the vain hope

I’d dry and be the fresco on your wall

You do not want me, so easily stirred

Roaring to life at the slightest touch

Sometimes I rise too high, too fast

And instead of giving life, I take it

So shaken, conscious awakened

I’m unstable, so unable

To love the way I’ve been told to

I don’t think I’ve ever been loved

In the way that I hoped love might be

The fleeting circuits of electricity

Begging me to seek her night and day

I could write her a million songs

Yet never once touch her soul

If she never exists for me to adore

Flawed her name, aware of my games

I don’t just say I like you, I love you

But if I did, you’d know, and we’d know

What it truly means to give everything

So far away, my thoughts barely graze yours

They do not rhyme, but damn they try

All my life I’ve hoped

To be someone’s Someone

Yet in all this time

I’ve come up short

I wish life could quit me

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