Disappearing Acts

Candlelight keeps the words from disappearing underneath blankets of somber

Silence wonders if I’ll ever pick up the pen

And write those letters again

Letters that tell how sorry I am

And how much you don’t deserve me

Letters describing my criminal animosity

Towards anyone that’s ever passed their eyes

On you, on me, a devilish gleam glows bright

I swear I didn’t care, but you know

I could break his neck with two fingers

If he ever got close enough, but you hide him

Because my anger doesn’t hide, I won’t let it

Tell me I don’t matter, that I never last

You forget my black on black, that’s the way

I’m strapped, don’t ever forget that

My mind tied to an electric chair

Burning prose into palms unwilling

I remember everything they made me forget

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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