Quiet Thoughts

I hang from my web and ponder

What it means to be a lover, and to be loved

Without giving anything, being accepted

Just for who you are

Always, motions are not reciprocated

Hardly noticed, they’re just not aware of me

I think I’m yelling, but all they hear is whispers

Maybe I’m drowning I don’t know it

So used to lungs full of carbon monoxide

I can’t understand that I really am just dying

Tomorrow is another question, another case

That the jury’s hardly anxious to address

Tonight is empty bottles and sad songs

Juxtaposed with pictures on the wall

Of an iron clad warrior that admire but cannot

And won’t ever imitate

Because I don’t need a mask, I show my face

Broken, betrayed, but always ready

To bear the fray

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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