Rejection (Always A Page Left)

There’s always a page left to fill

A dream to be dream

A nightmare to awaken

Money to be made is a day

Already gone when you wake

Happened again when you fall asleep

Because time is hardly a straight line

And I’m hardly straight

Not gay, either

cause I’m full of hate and anger

Pissed off and pleased to be alive

So I can watch people do stupid things

Think I’d want to do them too

And then become annoyed when they realize

I’m just not made to be played

Rewind me to the very beginning

And you’d find someone quite similar

Just shorter, but with a devil’s temperament

More conscious of it now, I throw it around

A cowboy in a ring of thieves

I paint the truth, my truth

And if you don’t like it, beat it

I was made to give life, defeated often

But rising always


Is motivation that sculpts my reflection

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