Ask The Daughters

Paint a picture on the wall

Watch them defile it with lustful thoughts

Traces of their bodies stain the masterpiece

Let the justice system clean up the parts

Parents fail to put her back together again

Needles and bible thumpers push her down

The streets catch her when she’s already gone

Ugly men with shallow souls hold up a camera

She throws it back, they get a good laugh

She’s a mere spectre of what she used to be

Her soul chained to the railway tracks

Every home has an open door for her

But what is home without love

Every outreach center reaches inwardly

Another poster girl for their selfish causes

Who cares about her trivialities? Her pain?

Who’s to tell her she can be beautiful again?

Broken systems born from shallow men

Turn these women to the streets again

But don’t ask us

Ask the blood on the sidewalk

And the daughters without names

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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