Tightropes Are Meant To Be Crossed

Walking the tightrope

Between heaven and hell

Day and night

Peace, and a passive aggressive obsession

With every single beat of your heart

Any change in direction is dutifully noted

So too does my wavering path

Wane into starlight

A fixed gaze renders injury meaningless

For every fall is met with a stronger will

To remain upright, for that is how I see you

Hardly perfect, but living with perfect passionA

Born timid, taught to be silent, but grown

Into the very meaning of defiance

The distance

between perfection and the present

Is a little bit of obsession

To stand in between the man who created you

And the man you’ve become

And telling him

I have no regrets, I’m happy

I’m home

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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