Bridge Over Troubled Souls

Lay me down over all the broken souls

Paths scattered

Over tall mountains and hidden valleys

Take my bones, build a shelter for the children

Feeling more prisoner than the gunmen

Take my heart, and give it the babies

left in trash cans

The beautiful souls we’ll never recover

Take my lungs

And let oppressed women around the world

Breathe the poisonous air of deviant man

no more

Take my hands

And let our soldiers fight the good fight

No longer hamstrung by Congress

Take my feet

Let the homeless stand up, let them see

Take my eyes,and let mankind see nature

as his home

Not to be dominated, but cultivated

And, give them my ears

So the whole world may hear the beauty I do

Susurrus soul strings in my mind

Taking away my tears, and giving me life

So that I can give to you

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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