Tidal Waves of Sickness

Sick cells breed thick hells

Demons trapped in arteries stuffed

Overflowing, actually, with bread

Greed’s signature plea in times of saturation

Sinners dine false gods in the White House

Saints chew on the decapitated dust of family

Along the border, blood is not spilled

But honesty and integrity lay slain in battle

Black suits, blue ties, celebrate two percent

When one hundred percent lay in caskets

Chain mail hearts drag like snail mail

And the ears of the prosperous are tuned

To touchdowns, strippers, and IPhones

But do we have eyes when it matters most?

Because we all lose

When a single flower is crushed

Bust down, caravan down, everyone scatter

Across deserts most can hardly name

But find vigor to defend

In the name of freedom

If they take our jobs, should we blame them?

Or should we blame our fat selves

For ever letting there be jobs to take?

Social security seems to be doing well

So there are people who could work

But they can’t, or choose not to

Basically, you’re saying that we’ll demonize

Hard work, values, and courage

And prioritize slothfulness and shame?

God (don’t) bless America

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