Sense Of Punishment

I feel a sense of punishment

Carrying the burden of being

Unique and yet hardly special

If placed next to any sized population

To be specially equipped to be scared

Shitless, in the face of unknown adversaries

Anxiety ratchets up pressure, calming down

Requires some stimulation, or depressant

Which I produce so much of I should

Consider marketing it

Never mind me, I can’t get my eyes off you

How every time I step out into the world

I’d die to fake three steps in, anything

To keep them from realizing

That I’m fragility personified

Masculine yet lacking the admirable muscle

Cancers femininity escapes confident pores

A little too caring, a little too soft spoken

Challenged to speak louder, resonating tones

I do in words they could never understand

These emotions, these words, complete me

Uplifting me to nullify the plan

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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