Eyes roll at the slightest provocation

Because I can’t control every nerve

And holy shit, they start flaring

When I’m near you, around you

In the same time zone, as you

But not because of anything you did to me

Because of everything I did to you

It’s a shame far past guilt

And a pain far past shame

It’s the maggoty feeling in your heart

Knowing she did everything to care

But you let your insecurity run her aground

It’s the sickening sense of helplessness

Knowing she liked you, wanted you

But you stood there, gawking and forever still

It’s the murderous anointing of Satan

To be loved and liked and never know it

Because you can’t tell if someone’s interested

I’ll always want what I can never have

Not because I have no arms or legs

But I am disabled

From connecting

To you

For all of eternity

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