I just want to be respected

When I work, give me the room to rise and fall

There is beauty in the crash and burn, in all

Pain, suffering, and regret, there is hope

That tomorrow will see you take flight

And never, ever come back to this world

My job is fun, but the ones making the work

Take away the joy, feeling burnt out

Exhausted from the subliminal, the fury is real

This is more than just ranting of a millennial

The deep seated hatred is immaterial

But every time I clock in for my next shift

Every single sale, every pat on the back

And I feel more and more material

Should I resent the people that brought me?

Should I resent my ancestors for being born?

Or should I resent myself for buying into it

See, I need money to make it in this world

But no amount of money bought a man

A second of time, and this decision is mine

But it ain’t kind, not along this one fine line

An active avenger or a passive complainer

Just leaving so another of my brothers falls

Where I once stood, can I stand my ground

And make my money at the same time?


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