Sheets don’t stunt double brick walls

Much as humans don’t double as kind

Mars doesn’t double as another waste bin

Earth could’ve been better

If we weren’t on it? Hypothetical, and real

Much like the punishment I feel

When the sirens go off, fathers go down

Twenty five to life that’s real

Watching from windows will get you sniped

Slowing in the streets will get you clapped

Ass up, face down, it all happens so fast

Man, woman, dead, alive, it really don’t matter

We’re just fiends lookin for friends to light up

When the lights go off, the pipe lights up

We’re just desperate for a fix to our scars

Sundown is near, but the end of the rope

From the chair

On the block

Where my mother got shot

Where my sister got robbed

When my father got lost

In a car he never bought

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