Deep breath, in, goes the sin

Deep breath, out, comes the pain

The wasted moments, broken promises

Time never to be gained

Or even realized

Sighs don’t do my heavy heart justice

Neither do the sleepless nights

Days where I say less to everyone

Because I’ve said so much to myself

Disappointment rains down, and I

Am stranded without a way home

The road is winding and long

Full of shallow souls with tiny hands

They cannot help me

Or themselves

So do they wander in eternal misery

I pass by their shrouded homes

Graves littered with roses and the like

We do not remember you, remember you

Must, or else be cast overboard

With all the waste and negligent purchases

Our vain temples could ever afford

The golden chains weigh me down

And I inhale with contempt the aching bones

Of forests swallowed by fire

And the oceans filled to the brim

With everything but water, O Father

I know you don’t expect us to be perfect



Is just a shame

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