Played By A Fool

You broke a heart, tonight

You broke a writers heart

It’s quite clear that you’ve been

Tearing at us for some time

And I didn’t want to dedicate

Another rhyme to your sour life

Yet I can’t stand things unfinished

So, to finish off our broken connection

I hope you find resurrection

I hope you find the solace you seek

And though I wish you found it in me

Never will I wish something for you

That you also did not want

You’ve troubled me

Given me hope and as quickly taken it away

I remember that day, the very first day

And it seems so distant, so vague

Remind me of why I even noticed you

Because I’m slowly fading from you

I should’ve listened to them before

Instead of the bitches breathing down my neck

And now that I’m in danger

Of catching misery’s fever

I’m ready to let go


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